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The official operator of Faktoria is
Culture and Sports Center in Pruszcz Gdanski.


Factoria is located in the center of Pruszcz Gdański, between Grunwaldzka and Zastawna streets. You can get to us by both public and own transport.



(20 minutes from Gdańsk - Dworzec Główny/PKP - main train station)

232, 50 and N5

(the nearest bus stop Factoria: 'Matejki St.' or so called 'u Jakuba' , then short walk south direction - 5 min.) 


207, 205 i 200 

(bus stop in the strict center of Pruszcz Gdański: 'Chopina St.' , then walk according to follow-signs - 15 min.)




(SKM or PKP - 15 min. from Gdańsk main trains station)

then walk 15 min according to follow-signs



both from Grunwaldzka St. - main artery of Pruszcz Gdański and Gdańsk bypass (direction: Pruszcz Gdański). Entry from Grunwaldzka St., parking is charge free.

scheudles of public transport:

BUSES: 232, 207, 205, 200, N5, 50




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The Chief Hut is the main wooden building which combines the past and present. On the outside it resembles the huts of the Roman period, but inside guests are being transferred to different, modern world. This is provided by latest solutions and multimedia exhibitions. Thus, exhibits from the collections of the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk are presented in a very modern way.  The theme of the exhibition is a display of the results of archaeological positions in Pruszcz Gdański and the immediate surroundings research. In particular, relicts from the Roman period, being the most prevalent in Pruszcz Gdański will be presented. Traditional signatures have been replaced by touchscreen panels showing rotating pictures, for the possibility of a thorough look at the monuments in the three-dimensional technique. In the central part there is a touchpad map, presenting archaeological sites from Pruszcz Gdański, from Neolithic to modern times. Also, you can watch the films showing prehistoric community life and the construction work on Faktoria.

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Pruszcz Gdański


Pruszcz Gdanski is a city with 27 thousand inhabitants. It is an economic and cultural ... {more}